Herman Rarebell Presents The Seeing Tree

Herman Rarebell presents The Seeing Tree

Music as Art, Music as Healing, Music that Rocks

Legendary Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell announces his latest musical collaboration – The Seeing Tree – a rock art collective committed to using music as a force for connection, awakening and positive change in an uncertain world. The Seeing Tree recognise that the medium is the message and in a post truth and divisive world positive messages and calls for change need to be heard and most importantly released by music artists. It’s not enough to watch from the sidelines, it’s important to state the case for unity and empowering change.

The Seeing Tree are legendary drummer and songwriter Herman Rarebell, producer and composer Lee Pepper and performance artist, singer and lyricist Eugenie Arrowsmith. Three creatives drawn together with the intention to release music that expresses passion and awareness. Music that confronts the need for global peace, ecological change and calls all good people to stand together globally. Each member of this musical collective brings a different set of skills to the table but they all recognise that we are at a very specific point in human evolution looking headlong at a tipping point.

The Seeing Tree debut release is out now!

Here it is folks our debut single – made for this moment when we can see so much in the world – shot during lockdown in Herman’s garden in Germany and in the Sussex Garden of Pepper and Eugenie

Herman Rarebell met composer and producer Lee Pepper at the Drum Legends show (that he curated) at The Brighton Dome in 2019 when Pepper was drafted in to record the show. The pair immediately hit it off and started talking about music and exchanging ideas. In the process Pepper introduced Herman to the performance artist and singer Eugenie Arrowsmith (who had previously been signed to Virgin 10) and they began exchanging backing tracks and ideas. The Seeing Tree was born out of these creative exchanges. The band are currently planning their first release.

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